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Fun at the beach

Ao Nang, Ton Sai, Railay and Pha Nang

Wow what a great day we had today. I conquered my fear of the sea (kinda) i went kayaking and went in the water with fish all around me.

No monkeies that we have seen yet! Haven't really looked we will let them come to us.

Tomorrow we think that we might hit the beach again!

Jeremie really does not wear the head band (and he gets mad about that) just cause my hair out here is a mess and i always need it.

Till next time


That is how the cookie crumbles here at the Baan Suan Resort


I found Oreo cookies here so i am in heaven for my sweet tooth.

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Thank you

We would likt to say a big thank you to Michele and Tyler for introducing us to Ko Lanta and making us feel at home.

Thank you

A group picture to follow

Angie and Jeremie

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New Island

Ao Nang

sunny 33 °C

Hey everyone,

So we are at a new location now and it is great! we met up with our friends from the Yukon and loving every minute of it.
The weather is hot out, we are kinda slacking on our journals that we brought out here. There is just so much to do and see.

On my birthday (which is soon!) we are going to ride elephants and kayak on the andaman sea, pretty excited.

The water is so clear out here, I have never seen it before like this.

We booked in at the Baan Suan Resort all together it cost less then $500.00 canadian for two weeks which includes a motor bike, private bungalow, pool, and satalite t.v. ( which we don't watch)

We have some more pictures and we will update it soon.

We enjoy updating the blog and keeping everyone posted BUT!!!! it would sure be nice to hear from everyone too.

Dancey we have both enjoyed many many many many many drinks for you and will continue doing so.

We have a wedding that we were invited to in February.

We met such great people out here. we have more friends out here then back home lol.

Everyone (i mean the taxi drivers and our new friends) ask if we will be coming back next year with a kid! I say yes and Jeremie just laughs.

The beaches are post card beautiful as we mentioned before, but now that we are at Ao Nang, which is close to Krabi and Phuket is much more livley then the island of Ko Lanta. Don't get us wrong Ko Lanta is beautiful.

Anyways we have a BBQ to get to so we will update so photos soon. Tomorrow we are off to Railay, Tonsai we will be kayaking there can't wait.

Tonsai has more monkeys then people on it. Aparently you go on the beach and if you have anything that looks good a monkey will come up to you and take it!
Wait for the pictures.

Talk to you soon

We love you and miss you all

Jeremie and Angie

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Ko Lanta

We made it to the beach and we are loving every minute of it. I hope you guys all enjoy our pictures as much as we enjoyed taking them.

We are getting great tans out here and will be making our way from Island to island.

We love everyone and till next time.....

That is how the cookie crumbles here in Ko Lanta ( you like that Anto and Rosangela)

Love you all

Jeremie and Angie

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Day 2 in Thailand.....I think

34 °C

Hello Everyone!

Where to start? Well we are doing great here, more friendly then we thought! I will let you all know a little of everything that we have done since our last blog.

We did all of the following with the couple (Danielle & Mike) All happened on Wednesday and Thursday

After our last blog we went to Ko San Road (great shopping Yvonne) it is like the Calgary Stampede times a million, packed with people lights everywhere and people asking tuk tuk (taxi).

Went to wat benchanapophit, some more wats (temples), some silk shops and jewllery shops. It was neat we watched how they made jewllery from scratch. It is amazing to see how these people live - congested and no slow moments at all!!! The weather does not ever drop below 25C and I think yesterday was about 35C + humidity.

After we toured around for about 3 hours (cost us $2) we went for a quick dip and than back to Ko San Road... I do not think that we could ever get sick of it...haha give us another week on that road and i bet that our tune will change.

Once back on Ko San Road, during the night it is amazing - the lights and the people become more alive.

Grasshoppers tasted great!

Thenightlife as we mentionned is great. We were walking down an lley to take a short cut and BAM all we could here was Jack Johnson - heck we thought he was actually playing live but it was a Thai that was jammin at a pub, we sat down and enjoyed it for the rest of his show! While we were sitting there we started chatting with an English guy from south Hamptons and he showed us the most amazing place. It is called "The Roof" and there was nothing but live music - anything from Pink Floyd to Brittney Spears, lol. Steve (Thompson) he even played WILCO!!!! It gets you so pumped that you almost cry with joy!!!!

It is amazing what come over you once travelling - it is so EASY to speak with anyone. We met some really great guys that just finished graduating from Glasgow University and they are taking a year tour the world (they just finished INDIA) Herman they with be spending a couple days with us in August/September when they make there way to Canada, we are also meeting up with them in Australia, most likely Sydney or Melbourne, which means that Mom and Freedy Cakes will get to meet them.

We went on a river tour - through the poverty area, we seen a monitor that was 5-6ft long and from what the guy said was not really that rare to see out here. we video taped the whole thing - AWESOME!

We hit up the weekend market today which we really do not know how to describe - we spent 3 or 4 hours there and maybe seen 5 - 10% of it... some really crazy things that we can not really say over the computer.

We are heading to Koh Lantra tomorrow and from there we will see what happens

Lots of love and we will update you once there

We took a

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