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Hello everyone, we made it in one piece... it has only been a day or so and WOW we love it!!!! You all know that Angie and I have been speaking about this trip for the past 6 months and I am sure that there are a few that thought - there is no way they will go (you know who you are - lol) Good thing mom, freddy cakes and the matantes & mon oncles bought us these back packs!!! HOLY they are as tall as Angie and I and probably weigh 40lbs a piece! You know that Angie will be hauling those around as I two fist the beers - hahaha

The flight is unreal... my legs killed for the last 4 hours (from Beijing to Bangkok) Here is another HOLY... when we landed in Beijing we wanted to go outside for some fresh air (Beijing airport is the size of 30 Calgary airports easly - Massive) so anyway, we walked, walked and walked, honestly 40min. and finally came to the doors to get outside. We were about 15 steps away from exiting the airport when out of no where we head a gentleman screaming, we stopped turned around and he was heading straight for us. It was a security guy, and thank God for him, if we would have steped out of the airport, once we re-entered we would have had to stay there until the Canadian Embassy and VISA approved us... which would have been approx one (1) week from what they say. All ended up OK, we did not get to go outside but had the chance to meet some guys from California - I ordered a beer and some chicken fingers - YOU are right Matteo the chicken may not really be chicken..ate it anyway and watched the hair grow!! lol

So, we got picked up from the airport in a nice air conditionned mercedes van (Fino & Duncan you would love the cars/trucks and vans out here - they are all pimped out!

Angie and I both did not notice any "foreign" smells and so far we love the fast past, go go go attitude that the Thai people demonstrate. Everyone seems very freindly and we both feel very safe...for now!

It is 11AM and the temperature is 31C + humidity (92%) which brings it close to 40C. We had approx. 3 hours of sleep and for right now feel great. We woke up around 7:30AM and went for breakfast which was delicious... lots of fruit and WARM water (almost hot) Our hotle is in central Bangkok and the roof top pool, which we just came from is amazing!!!!! While Angie and I were swimming we met a couple from Yukon... so we are now going to go and visit Ko San road (sorry if i spelt that wrong) which is were a lot of the backpackers go to hang out and shop...from what we have heard there are 100's of shops and lot's to see and do. We met some guy yesterday named Chai who is a tuk-tuk driver and we are hooking up with him, he'll show us a lot of Bangkok and bring us to some of the temples as well as a few of the "tourist spots" wherever those may be.

As you can see we have not attached any pictures as we forget one of the cords in the hotel room - I give you OUR word that next entry will have some pictures!

We hope to hear from everyone - people write back it makes us feel important/special! We are off to the markets!

Take care everyone and we will keep in touch

Love Angie & Jeremie

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