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Chiang Mai (North Thailand)

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First off we just want to say that we had an amazing time travelling with Mom and Fred!!! Man, did we ever have some great laughs - they are troopers, stayed in some crazy bamboo huts and toughed it out in the 41C heat on one of the islands - with no A/C. We all had some unwanted little creatures crawling in some of those huts. BUT we all survived. We loved the company Mom and Fred - miss you guys!

We have spent the last 5 or 6 days in Chiang Mai which is in Northern Thailand. A big change from the craziness of Bangkok and nothing like the beaches in the south! It is a very nice place in the mountains and has many different activities to do... some trekking, many different hilltribes to visit, tons of temples (there are only so many you can visit before they start to look all alike - sorry) and a lot of great markets. I mean 1000's of different stalls and some things you could not even imagine that are for sale. There is one marj\ket that was only on Sundays, they shut down the main road, and for about 3km's there is nothing but shops, live music and some crazy dancing and singing OH and some amazing food!!! We checked out a Muay Thai match, which lasted about 3hrs and had 8 different fights - these guys are nuts. Angie and I even bet on a few of the fights and lost but it was not for big money.

Chiang Mai is a perfect place to just chill out and plan a day trip here and there - very relaxed, friendly and clean city. We did the Flight of the Gibbons which is ziplines through the rainforest followed with some 60ft to 200ft drops (like a mini bungee jump) and also a few suspension bridges. Some great pictures! We also did a day trip/trek in the mountains where we walked in the mountains and had a chance to visit some tribes, the most famous being "Longneck Tribe" than we rode the elephants through the jungle and through a river, for about an hour. We than had the chance to float down a portion of the river on a bamboo raft which was surprisingly really fun and than the best part... white water rafting for about an hour!

Aside from that we have just been chillin' out, and are getting ready to leave tomorrow and are heading to Pai, which is a town of 3000 people, it is along a river and is a "backpackers mecca" from what the people out here are saying. It is a hippie town with a lot of music, art and great food. The only thing to really do there (from what we are being told) is float down the river and relax. We figure that is a perfect way to spend our last couple weeks...wow is that ever sad.

Our flight back is scheduled for the 5th of April. We have a nine hour layover in China, so we are going to get a VISA for China and chances are we will have the opportunity to visit the Great Wall of China. If that is not possible we will at least get to visit Beijing (outside of the airport) and go check out the site of the Olympics and a few other places.

Angie has uploaded some pictures, hope you like them.

Jeremie & Angie

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Back to the Beaches

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Hello Everyone!

I Believe the last entry we did we mentioned that we were on our way to Vietnam. It was amazing. We spent 2 weeks traveling from south to north, we stayed in 7 different cities, one was right in the mountains and a couple along the south China Sea. It went like this, Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) - 10hrs bus ride to - Dalat, spent a few days there and met some great people that we continued our travels through Vietnam with. From Dalat - 6hrs bus ride to - Nha Trang which is ride along the South China Sea. From Nha Trang - Fly to - DaNang and than taxi to HoiAn. HoiAn was the most amazing little town we had nothing but good times. We even ended up drinkin' with some locals and than singing Karoke all night...in Vietnamese... I scored 92% - I have no idea how??? From HoiAn - Train ride (beautiful) to - Hue. We went to an amazing market in this city - like nothing we have seen out here. From Hue we took a flight to Hanoi and spent the last day in Vietnam there. It is much different in Vietnam than in Thailand - the tours and day trips we did were different there either of us expected and ate some "out of this world" food, some good and some...different.

We have made our way back to Southern Thailand. We met up with Mom & Freddy-Cakes in Bangkok, spent 6hrs there and than we all flew down to an Island called Ko Lipe...which is by far the nicest island we have seen in our travels and hottest at that. It hit 42C!!!! We all tried fishing...but not like we are used to back home...we fished with the locals - Chao Lai (name of the village people who live on this island) fishing! A fishing line, no reel, 5 hooks, chicken feathers and a big weight to go down deep. This was GREAT, we all caught fish BUT Mom and Angie were the heros of the day. Spent a buch of time snorkelling at this island, some of the craziest looking creatures down there.

From Ko Lipe we made our way to Ko Bulone which was an Island with no more than 100 people on it. All the bungolows were ocean front - crazy. stayed just one day/night and than went to Ko Mook, were we went and swam into this emerald cave...nearly 5mins of darkness, it was definetly a trip. Once you made it through WOW what a place. It looked like we were in a volcano. We stayed at a resort named Charlies Beach - I imagine you all know why we stayed there. It was very nice and the true definition of "Roughin' it"

Now we are back in Ko Lanta (were we went to the wedding) This place feels like our home, and it is a nice place for Mom and Freddy to get some rest. Since we have been here we went and rode some elephants in the jungle, did a day trip to Phi Phi Islands and spent a lot of time on the beach. We are here until the 20th and than back to Bangkok for Mom to do some shopping and a few tours (temples, river trips) before they fly back home.

From there Angie and I are going to the North of Thailand - Chang Mai, Chang Rai and a few other spots. 2 weeks of travels up there and than...

So that is the scoop and we have uploaded some more pictures - hope you like them, and we will update again once we make our way up North.

Jeremie & Angie

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On the go

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So since the last entry we have seen a few more islands in the south of Thailand - which were all very beautiful, as you can see by the pictures. We splurged and enjoyed a true honeymoon in Koh Samui - WOW was is ever nice. From there we flew back to Bangkok to get our Vietnam passports, which to our surprise happened within 8hrs. To kill those 8hrs we tryed our luck with the BKK skytrain which is awesome...we had so much fun - we went to a mall that made west Edm. look like a small walmart. Seen some other crazy stuff on the side streets of downtown. Spent the night at a small little guesthouse and than decided that we wanted to visit Cambodia before making our way to Vietnam.

We now made our way to Cambodia which is MUCH different than Thailand, we landed in a city called Phnom Pehn - spent 3 days there visiting some very historical sites - "the killing fields" and "S-21" which is a prison/museum now - I would have to say it is a site to see BUT WOW is it ever sad. the poverty is like nothing you can imagine. Children everywhere begging for money, families living on the streets and i do not mean a few families I mean 100's. I guess we spoke about seeing these BUT once you actually see it first hand I do not think it is possible to prepare yourself for it. All and all it is great that we are having the opportunity to experience this. From Phnom Pehn we made our way, by boat (lol) to Siem Reap, which was to take 5hrs BUT seeing as we got stuck in the low part of the Mekong River that added an extra 2hrs - what a trip! That boat ride was by far the an amazing, somewhat scary at points, ride we have had yet to date - WE LOVED IT!!!!

Siem Reap from what we see is much more clean, at leat in the area we are at. We went and seen the sunset at Angkor Wat, we have experienced something that words can not describe... Sim Soy (Steve) you would have been in heaven - the photo opportunities (landscape and nature) are a photographers dream. The next morning we made our way back to see a few of the temples - this site (Angkor Wat) is approx. the size of all of Airdrie - there are many many temples and there have been a few movies shot there - the most popular being Tomb Raider. We spent about 6hours or so going from temple to temple, you need a tuk tuk driver to bring you from site to site and even than once you start walking through the sites one would have never imagined they have that many sweat glands. I guess walking in 37C weather will do that - ah well we are getting fit! We put today aside to send emails, upload pictures, write a blog entry and walk around the markets and downtown Siep Reap. We leave tomorrow for South Vietnam (Ho Chi Min City/Saigon) and will go from South to North Vietnam VIA bus, train and the best part motorcycle...we would like to work our way up to Sapa which is a small town in the mountains of northern Vietnam. We are putting 2 weeks aside for Vietnam, which is still probably not enough BUT I am sure we will get the just of it. From there we get back to Bangkok to meet Mom and Dad (Freddy-Cakes) and will make our way to the very very southern part of Thailand and work our way back up - this will be an experience for all us us and Angie and I have left a lot of islands aside to travel with Mom and Dad.

So that's that we hope all is well with everyone back home. We look forward to people sending us messages and comments on the pictures - we really do like hearing from you all.

Jeremie & Angie

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We know that it has been a while since we have written anything on the blog BUT we did add some photo's a few days ago so hope everyone was happy to see them.

We have made our way back to Ko Lanta for the wedding (Paul & Tuk) which we are looking forward too. Also are glad to be back because of the FUSION resturant which makes the best food that we have had since our trip started - Cliff and Air - THANK YOU!

We left Ao Nang on January 30th - made our way VIA local bus to the Island of Phuket which is one heck of a ride by bus - I really do not think that they have any understanding of lanes, speed or personal well being of the passengers BUT man does it ever make for a fun trip. Phuket, which I believe is the largest Island in Thailand, is amazing. We had our first taste of CRAZY nightlife...Bangkok was nuts BUT Phuket, especially Patong, is something that you need to see in order to believe!!! Our first night there we stayed at Kata Beach - which was very nice, went to our first Go-Go bar - we will tell you more about that once we return home. Our 2nd day in Phuket we tossed the backpacks on and took a quick ride over to Patong (20mins), which was the place that everyone out here was telling us to check out...no BS - crazier than the things we seen in Bangkok BUT we only spent a few nights in Bangkok. So, once we settled into our ocean front hotel, we promised eachother that we would splurge once a month and that was the place to do it, we headed to the beach (Patong Beach) no more than 200ft away, where we seen approx 2km worth of people and beach chairs - this was to date - the most amazing beach. Jet skis, parasailing, kayaking, speed boats, waterskiing and wakeboarding. By most amazing we mean most action, as you can see by the pictures, there have been some beautiful beaches BUT very secluded/quiet which is great BUT every once in a while BUSY is good!!! The nightlife at Patong was nothing shy of nuts!!! SAFE but NUTS...neon lights to the extreme, people everywhere, everyone seems to be from anywhere but Thailand, not a worry in the world and a smile on everyones face!!! Seeing as we only spent two nights there we will be heading back with Jeremie's Mom and Dad once we meet them in Bangkok (March 7th) just in time for Jeremie's B-day!!!

Alright, we are going to try and fill in a few spots that we may not have mentionned and if we are repeating ourselves sorry!

While in Ao Nang Jeremie held a Cobra (6ft) while we were at the snake show. Angie played basketball with a monkey (serious) We traveled by local bus - what a trip - to Phuket. We are really getting a handle on the bus system and how to travel the most economical way around the country. We are in Ko Lanta for a few day. We are most likely heading to Malaysia and Singapore by Feb.7. We woke up at 5:30am this morning (Feb.2) to go to our wonderful friends resturant (FUSION owed by two really great people Cliff and Air!!!!) After Malaysia and Singapore we plan to go back to Bangkok and plan about 3 weeks or so to Vietnam and Cambodia!

Well, that is the story for now and we will try and get a bunch of pictures downloaded in the next couple of days!!! Angie is the gifted one for that - all I do is type!

Love you all and hope all is well back home

Jeremie & Angie

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Phi Phi Islands


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Hello Everyone!!

The pictures will say more than what we can type... No words to describe these islands. You are beside yourself looking at all the beauty!

We have seen many amazing things out here and have met some people that are more welcoming and friendly than you could imagine.

We have been invited by the owners of the resort that we are staying in (Baan Suan) to a island that is supposedly more beautiful than what we have seen so far. We have 3 bungalows that are on the ocean front, so Danielle, Mike, Angie and I will be leaving for a day trip staying over night at the Rat Nei Island!!! The husband (owner of Baan Suan) is taking Mike and I fishing while the girls (Angie, Danielle and the wife) relax on the beach and snorkel around the coral reefs.

Angie is loving the water and my god she is loving snorkeling even more... we are so happy out here - no worries - nothing but smiles and beautiful sceneray how could anyone not love this country.

We are still looking very forward to the wedding at the beginning of Febuary.

The days are always great and by 10pm we are wiped - i guess the sun and water will do that to you. We play a lot of crib with Mike and Danielle - they are some good people. Speaking of which it is about that time - a few beers and a couple rounds of crib is calling our name.

As always we could type forever telling you all everyting we have done BUT once again the pictures say more than we can write.


Last but not least HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DANIEL (DINO BRAVO) and Zia (Ma Tante) Mary - January 20th

Lots of love and many many smiles!!!!

Jeremie & Angie

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